Critical - Nation Wide Telstra Outage


All upstream incidents have been advised as being resolved. If you are still experiencing any ongoing issues please contact our helpdesk. Thanks for your patience.


We are currently experiencing a Nation Wide TELSTRA outage across a variety of services as indicated. This outage may or may not effect your services. Please reach our via mobile calls to your account manager if you require urgent assistance. We highly recommend subscribing to get updates via this service to stay up to date.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

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Affected components
  • HELPDESK Services
    • Helpdesk Telephone Support
  • VOIP Services
    • SIP Services - Inbound
    • SIP Services - Outbound
  • WAN Services
    • NBN - Internet Service
    • EOF - Internet Service
    • EOW - Internet Service
    • 4G - Internet Service